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Ocean Acidification: An emerging environmental and economic problem
Long-Term Water-Quality Monitoring Deployments with the HydroCAT-EP

Customer Survey - CTDs

Tech Tip: UCI Software for HydroCAT-EP
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Ocean Acidification World Tour

Although the scale and impact of Ocean Acidification is well known to ocean and coastal scientists around the world, it remains largely under the radar of the general population. In an effort to address this gap in awareness, NOAA has developed a very interesting and informative interactive story-map that frames the phenomenon and provides examples of major issues and impacts from around the world. It highlights coral reef issues in Southern Florida and Australia, Fisheries impacts in Chile and Alaska, as well as food web changes in the Arctic and Antarctic. Oceans are our planet's life support system - providing oxygen and protein as well as climate regulation. For a global tour of Ocean Acidification research and impacts, go to NOAA's GeoPlatform.


Long-Term Water-Quality Monitoring
ABOVE: Example of severe bio-fouling on instruments. Photo by Malcolm Scully.


Long-term time series data sets are critical for understanding how our environments are changing over time. Coastal or near-shore environments often present unique challenges for monitoring with in-situ instrumentation, due to the prevalence of aggressive bio-fouling. The new Sea-Bird HydroCAT-EP is designed to maximize sustained water-quality measurement accuracy in high fouling environments over long deployments. The HydroCAT-EP’s conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and pH sensors are protected within the unique, pumped internal flow path by EPA-approved anti-foulant devices. The integral pump minimizes the exposure of these sensors to environmental waters, significantly reducing the impact of bio-fouling on sensor performance and drift. The combination chlorophyll-and-turbidity sensor is protected from bio-fouling by a copper faceplate and wiper.  

As part of HydroCAT-EP field tests, an extended deployment was carried out at Shilshole Bay (Seattle, Washington). The HydroCAT-EP was co-deployed with an SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT CTD + DO Recorder. In addition, periodic measurements were made with an SBE 19plus V2 CTD equipped with an SBE 43 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. Intercomparison results show the accuracy and stability of the HydroCAT-EP and highlight the lack of maintenance required to sustain high-quality data.

Click here for the Case Study [PDF].

ABOVE: Dissolved Oxygen, hourly values, Shilshole Bay 2015.


Customer CTD Feedback Survey

Sea-Bird Scientific would like to invite you to take part in a survey about your experience with Sea-Bird CTDs. The purpose of this survey is to get feedback on these instruments, so we can improve customer experience. It should take you no more than 8 minutes to complete the survey.

Your opinion is very important to us, so please be as honest as possible.

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Tech Tip: UCI Software for HydroCAT-EP

UCI provides a single software program for verifying functionality, setting up, using, and processing and plotting data from an instrument. It is compatible with the HydroCAT-EP (CTD + oxygen, pH, chlorophyll a fluorescence, and turbidity) Recorder, intended for moored applications to 350 m. UCI includes many Wizards to take you step-by-step through the procedures to ensure your instrument will provide high-quality data for your application:
  • Sensor checks - perform in-field checks of the functionality of sensor.
  • Testing - output and plot real-time data to verify setup and operation.
  • Final setup - walk the user through the decisions needed to do the final set up of the instrument for the application; a deployment report details the setup for your records.
  • Upload - transfer data from memory in engineering units, and plot the data.

Note: UCI is also compatible with the HydroCAT (CTD + Oxygen) Recorder, and the SUNA V2 and Deep SUNA nitrate sensors.

UCI has been recently updated. Download the latest version below.

Download UCI


Meet the People: Isaac Reister, Technical Support

Isaac has a B.A. in Physics, with a minor in English literature, from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. Isaac joined Sea-Bird Scientific as a Technical Support Technician in March 2017. His role is to help customers with Sea-Bird equipment, ranging from explaining basic operations to troubleshooting.

Before Sea-Bird, Isaac worked as a technical writer for Wadeware LLC, creating courseware for Microsoft new hires, editing and reviewing white papers, writing scripts for instructional videos, helping create interactive virtual labs, and putting together presentations/data sheets for white-glove events. He has also worked in Assembly and QA at MidNite Solar Inc. in Arlington, WA, which makes electrical instruments for renewable energies.

Isaac's hobbies include hiking and biking. He hiked the 2,652 mile long Pacific Crest Trail between his time at MidNite Solar and Wadeware. He also likes science writing, cooking, back country skiing/ snowboarding, and good science fiction books.


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