Armed with a SeapHOx pH sensor and a team of Citizen Scientists, researchers at the Schoodic Institute and the National Park Service are studying the impacts of ocean acidification in Acadia National Park. By monitoring pH changes in the Gulf of Maine and applying that knowledge to intertidal zone dynamics, citizens and researchers can help understand the changes occurring in this complex environment.

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SeaFET V2 Release

We have upgraded our SeaFET product line to the SeaFET V2, significantly improving upon the original sensor’s reliability, ease of use, and data quality.

Among several upgrades is a noteworthy change: the SeaFET V2 interface now imitates typical Sea-Bird moored CTDs. Users can now send familiar commands to the SeaFET V2 to configure it for an autonomous sampling scheme that matches other moored CTDs on the sampling platform.

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SBE 37 MicroCAT Series Update

Sea-Bird Scientific has released a redesign of the SBE 37 MicroCAT product line. The update standardizes the 37-SM, SMP, SMP-ODO, IM, IMP, IMP-ODO, SI, and SIP variants. The new models feature similar physical dimensions, improvements to the mechanical design, unified firmware commands, and a single hardware kit and battery pack across all new SBE 37s with firmware version 5.0.0 or later.

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Tech Tip: What is Wrong with This pH Data?

Take a look at the figure on the left- it contains pH data from a recently calibrated SeaFET sensor deployed in a stable environment. Samples measured by a spectrophotometer are superimposed over the SeaFET data to help validate the sensor’s performance.

At first glance, pH in the highlighted section appears to be unstable and well out of spec. Can you identify what is wrong with this data?

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