Surface power and real-time data acquisition for Sea-Bird CTDs; two-way communication over single- or multi-conductor sea cable and ample power for auxiliary sensors.




Underwater Power/Data Interface Module - accessory for SBE 19/19plus/19plusV2/25/25plus CTDs. Converts surface power for use by CTD and provides two-way communication interface between CTD and Deck Unit via single-conductor armored cables up to 10,000 meters long. Includes Seasoft software and complete documentation. Requires use of SBE 33 or SBE 36 Deck Unit - ordered separately. Does not include interface cables or mounting hardware – ordered separately.


Housing (depth) Selections

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Summary - prices in USD

  • PDIM$4075.00
  • Housing (depth) Selections(6800 meter aluminum housing)$0.00
  • Connector Selections(XSG connectors)$0.00
  • Spares & Accessories
  • 17088 PDIM to SBE 19/25 cable, XSG connectors, 1.1 m (DN 30567)( 0at$245.00)$0.00
  • 171792 PDIM to SBE 19/25 cable, Wet-pluggable MCIL connectors, 1.1 m (DN 32810)( 0at$390.00)$0.00
  • 50219 Mounting block set for PDIM (bolt to cage)( 0at$345.00)$0.00
  • 50154 Mounting hardware kit - PDIM or AFM (clamp on housing)( 0at$155.00)$0.00
  • DISCOUNT: Introductory Online Discount (supersedes all other discounts) (15%)$611.25
  • $3,463.75