SBE 37-SM MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder


Moored Conductivity, Temperature, and (optional) Pressure measurements, at user-programmable intervals. RS-232 or RS-485 interface, internal memory, and internal battery pack.


SBE 37-SM MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder


MicroCAT C and T (pressure optional) Recorder with Serial interface and Memory - Includes mooring clamp, 8 MB Flash memory, serial interface, external power input capability (power plus serial on connector), lithium battery (non-hazardous), AF24173 Anti-Foulant Devices, data/power interface cable, Seasoft software, and complete documentation.


Housing (depth) Selections

* must select one

Pressure Sensor Range (depth) Selections

* must select one

Connector Selections

* must select one
Type of connector

Communication Selections

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SBE 37-SM Mooring Clamp Wire Size Selections

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Spares & Accessories


Summary - prices in USD

  • SBE 37-SM MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder$5375.00
  • Housing (depth) Selections(350 meter plastic housing)$0.00
  • Pressure Sensor Range (depth) Selections(No pressure sensor)$0.00
  • Connector Selections(XSG connector (includes data/power interface cable 801385))$0.00
  • Communication Selections(RS-232 serial interface)$0.00
  • SBE 37-SM Mooring Clamp Wire Size Selections(Mounting - Wire guide and mounting clamp for 1/4 in. diameter mooring wire)( 1at$0.00)$0.00
  • Spares & Accessories
  • 801797 Red top battery holder (7V nominal, Version 1) for use with twelve 3.6V AA lithium cells, for SBE 37 (SM, SMP, IM, IMP with firmware version < 4.0) & SBE 44( 0at$180.00)$0.00
  • 233540 Anti-foulant cap without hose barb, black (for use with SBE 37 [SM, SMP, IM, IMP, SI, SIP] with firmware version < 4.0)( 0at$25.00)$0.00
  • 50087.1 Cell filler/storage device with hose barbs (Application Note 34)( 0at$40.00)$0.00
  • 801385 Data/Power interface cable, RMG-4FS to DB-9S and red/black twisted wire leads, 2.4 m (DN 32277)( 0at$195.00)$0.00
  • 801206 Data/Power interface cable, Wet-pluggable, MCIL-4FS to DB-9S and red/black twisted wire leads, 2.4 m (DN 32366)( 0at$240.00)$0.00
  • 20200 USB to Serial Port Adapter, FTDI UC232R-10 (connects computers with USB ports to RS-232 instruments)( 0at$35.00)$0.00
  • 233186 High-head pressure port plug for muddy/biologically productive environments (Application Note 84), for use with SBE 37 [SM, SMP, IM, IMP, SI, SIP] with firmware version < 4.0( 0at$35.00)$0.00
  • 31632 Storm Shipping Case (iM2950) - holds up to 4 MicroCATs without oxygen sensor or 3 MicroCATs with oxygen sensor( 0at$595.00)$0.00
  • DISCOUNT: Introductory Online Discount (supersedes all other discounts) (15%)$806.25
  • $4,568.75