Sea-Bird University

Sea-Bird Scientific offers training classes on major Sea-Bird Scientific products and software:

  • Regularly scheduled, 4-day classes at the Sea-Bird Electronics factory in Bellevue, Washington USA. Training consists of comprehensive operator training on major Sea-Bird Scientific products and software, and is hands-on in nature. The current curriculum covers profiling CTDs, thermosalinographs, and moored CTDs, and includes theory and operation, data processing, and maintenance and repair. Sea-Bird plans to add training on select WET Labs and Satlantic products to future classes.
  • Classes at off-site locations (past locations include China, France, Germany, India, Italy, and New Zealand). Class content varies, depending on customer training needs; past topics include –
    • Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 911plus profiling CTD; SBE 19plus profiling CTD; SBE 16 and 37 moored CTDs
    • WET Labs ECO fluorometers, backscattering sensors, and turbidity sensors; WQM water quality monitor; Cycle phosphate sensor; IOP packages
    • Satlantic SUNA nitrate sensor; SeaFET pH sensor; HyperPro optical profiling system

Click here to let us know about your training needs. Note that we can only offer classes at off-site locations if there is enough demand.

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The following training materials, focusing largely on Sea-Bird Electronics instruments, are available for download:

  • PDF documents, which include slides and notes from the 4-day classes at Sea-Bird Electronics, covering a wide range of topics (18 modules).
  • Video presentations of the first five modules from the 4-day classes at Sea-Bird Electronics (Introduction; Introduction to Profiling Equipment; Setup and Acquiring Data; Basic Data Processing; and Water Sampling and Deployment). These presentations are not meant to replace the classroom experience, as they do not include the student exercises that are covered in the class.